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                  What are the common structures of Marine sprockets

                  2017-11-14 00:00:00 點擊數:1200
                  What are the common structures of Marine sprockets? With Marine accessories manufacturers to understand:
                  1. Overall structure
                  Generally applied in the standard chain P= 38.1, the following single, double row, single, double convex chain wheel processing.
                  2. Welding structure
                  The main application is in medium, large specification sheet, double flange chain wheel. When processing, the flange part adopts the rod to make a convex shape. The teeth ring can be used to process the outer diameter and axle hole after the cutting of the plate, and the welded groove of the hole is welded in the flange part. Welding for welding, use low hydrogen welding rod such as T506 electrode, etc.
                  3. Cast sprocket
                  It is mainly used in the processing of large sprocket, machining the gear ring, flange, outer diameter and inner diameter and key groove, then machining the tooth shape. The rings are cast. There are generally two kinds of materials for casting sprocket: cast iron and cast steel such as HTl5O, HT2O0 and ZG310-570 (ZG45).
                  4. Forge sprocket

                  The main application is in the large size chain wheel production. When forging, whether it is a single flanged or double flange type, it is generally forged into a convex shape, and the shaft hole is given sufficient machining allowance. The material utilization is low and the cost is high.