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          The company has a clear criteria, strict reward and punishment system, flexible organization structure and intense internal competition. All the staff are full of vigor, innovative and enterprising, to make the whole company flourishing and vigorous. At the same time, the company is people-oriented, respects the employees, and creates a harmonious atmosphere of unity, friendship, trust and mutual assistance, to strengthen the group identification and form a strong cohesion and centripetal force among the employees.
          The common values form the common goals and ideals, and the staff takes hjumbo as their own destiny, and their jobs as parts of achieving the company goal. The whole company is in step and becomes a unified whole. Since its establishment, hjumbo has established a prospective goal to build its own enterprise culture atmosphere. After more than ten years of development, the material basis for the company to form its own enterprise culture is gradually matured, and the carriers in enterprise culture construction, such as organizational structure, working environment, cultural activities, care to employees, team work, etc., gradually mature and go towards standardization and normalization. In the face of the new situation, the company will continue to strengthen the extraction and promotion of the enterprise culture. The company learns from the past, at the same time, grasps the management details, carries out various cultural construction measures, and makes efforts to accelerate the enterprise culture construction in the process of rapid development. Especially in the stability and care for the staff and theestablishment of enterprise atmosphere, the company shall strengthen the potential exploring, encourage the staff to participate, take the Company Party Committee, Trade nionand Youth League Committee as an organizational guarantee, to carry out a series of enterprise culture construction, and let the enterprise culture become the enduring power supporting the company to achieve the strategy target and build the real "Cultural hjumbo rubber".